The BRT Hartner Dewiring Device

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This BRT Hartner Dewiring Device will soon be heading to the UK, to be employed at a major UK recycling facility for the dewiring of baled materials. This machine is the first of the reimagined BRT Hartner Dewiring Devices to be installed in the UK and represents a significant leap over the previous design, incorporating both improved functionality and construction techniques.

Whilst BRT Hartner’s Dewiring Device has been around for many years, the upgraded version now offers a host of improvements to satisfy the requirements of an ever changing market. Designed to accept industry standard bale sizes and weights, the BRT Hartner Dewiring Device can automatically cut and remove bale wires thus negating any need for manual intervention. All removed wires are automatically coiled and deposited into a collection area whilst dewired bales are transported downstream for further processing and sorting.

To compliment the BRT Hartner Dewiring Device, BRT Hartner can offer a number of additional solutions to assist with the breaking and sorting of de-baled materials. The BRT Hartner Bale Breaker is available in a number of configurations and can greatly assist with the breaking of de-baled materials and the metering of material to downstream processing plant to maximise sorting efficiency. The BRT Hartner Ballistic Separator can also provide 2D/3D separation and fines removal, whilst BRT Hartner’s range of D-Series¬†feed and metering hoppers can provide a solution for end of line buffer storage prior to baling.

Material Processing Solutions Ltd welcomes the opportunity of assisting you with your dewiring, de-baling and sorting requirements and should you require any additional information relating to BRT Hartner’s full range of equipment then please don’t hesitate to contact us…

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