Their experience gained from the development, manufacture and supply of specialist machinery ensures that they remain one of the market leaders to waste management sector. With a diverse range of equipment BRT Hartner GmbH offers the waste management and recycling sector multiple solutions for the opening, dosing and sorting of numerous waste streams. This range of market leading solutions now extends to single and twin-shaft static shredders, de-compactors for biological waste treatment and conditioning units for optimisation of digestates, sewage sludge and associated materials thus ensuring that BRT Hartner GmbH remain at the forefront of the materials recovery and waste management sector.


BO-Series Bag Openers

The BRT Hartner BO bag opener has remained one of the market leading solutions for the opening of bagged materials since its conception. Suitable for a wide range of waste streams inclusive of packaging materials, residual and household waste, the BRT Hartner bag opener delivers virtually 100% bag opening rate whilst minimising servicing and maintenance requirements.

BOS-Series Bag Openers

The BRT Hartner BOS bag opener has been developed purely for the opening of small plastic waste bags. Encompassing many of the design concepts associated with BRT Hartner’s larger BO model the BOS bag opener offers a dedicated tailor-made solution for these difficult to process materials.

BRT Hartner BOS bag opener
BRT Hartner’s BD bale de-wiring device

BD Bale De-Wiring Device

BRT Hartner’s BD bale de-wiring device provides a safe and efficient means of automatically removing wires and strapping from numerous types of baled materials. The BD bale de-wiring device includes a fully automatically adjustable cutting and wire removal assembly therefore ensuring a wide range of bale types and sizes can be accommodated.

When combined with BRT Hartner’s BB bale breaker this synergy of technologies enables the safe cutting and removal of wires prior to downstream stream processing therefore minimising operator intervention.

BB Bale Breaker

The BRT Hartner BB bale breaker is designed to break up de-wired pressed baled materials inclusive of PET-bottles, waste paper, residual and plastic waste plus numerous other baled materials. This gentle decompaction of the bales ensures quality of material is maintained whilst ensuring even flow and metering of material to downstream processing plant thus maximising sorting efficiency.

Feed and Metering Hopper / Dosing Bunker BRT HARTNER D

D-Series Feed & Metering Hoppers

BRT Hartner’s range of D-Series feed and metering hoppers are designed to provide a continuous metered feed of material to downstream processing equipment. Combining both BRT Hartner’s moving floor conveying technology with volume-flow regulation, BRT Hartner’s range of feed and metering hoppers ensure correct presentation of material to maximise sorting efficiency and recovery rates.

MF-Series Moving Floor Conveyors

The BRT Hartner range of moving floor conveyors offers the flexibility of creating a bespoke, dedicated solution to meet specific application requirements. Manufactured in a multitude of lengths and widths these moving floor conveyors can be combined with steel or concrete walls, various designs of metering devices and fully enclosed hopper constructions.

Moving Floor Conveyor BRT HARTNER MF
Ballistic Separator BRT HARTNER BS

BS-Series Ballistic Separators

BRT Hartner’s range of BS ballistic separators are available in a number of market leading models and configurations. The range includes BRT Hartner’s light-weight BSH version suitable for packaging and household waste, BRT Hartner’s BSW medium-weight model for household and commercial waste and BRT Hartner’s BSV heavy-weight version for heavy applications such as commercial and mixed construction waste.

In addition to the standard BS range of ballistic separators BRT Hartner also offer the BPS paper sorter, also available in a number of sizes and configurations for the sorting of paper and cardboard.

SD/ST-Series Trommel Screens

The BRT Hartner range of SD and ST trommel screens are available in a full range of diameters and sizes. Suitable for the screening of household waste, commercial waste, compost, wood and numerous other waste streams the SD and ST trommel range can accommodate a wide diverse number of applications and separation rates/cut sizes.

Combining a number of entanglement protection features and cleaning devices the entire range can provide a solution to the most arduous of applications.

Stationary Screen Drum BRT HARTNER SD
Disc / Rotor Screen BRT HARTNER SC

SC/SF-Series Disc-Screens

BRT Hartner’s range of disc-screens combine both the SC coarse screen and SF fine screen, each suited to the separation of cardboard and mixed paper. Whilst the SC coarse screen offers a highly-efficient means of separating large cardboards from mixed paper the SF fine screen provides the perfect solution for post-treatment of mixed paper fraction prior to manual, mechanical or optical sorting.

BBS Air Belt Separator

The BRT Hartner BBS air-belt separator classifies loose free-flowing materials into light and heavy fractions. Fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of input materials, whilst maintaining high recovery rate of light fraction, the BBS air-belt separator provides the optimal solution for the separation of light and heavy materials.

Stationary Windsifter BRT HARTNER BBS

PS/PD-Series Bottle Perforators

The BRT Hartner range of bottle perforators are available in both single and double designs. Supplied for standalone applications complete with loading hopper, for integration into manual picking cabins or for installation prior to baling, the BRT Hartner bottle perforator provides the perfect solution for the perforation of plastic PET bottles and other plastic derivatives.

Forus/Teuton Stationary Shredders

BRT Hartner’s range of stationary shredders includes some of the most versatile shredding solutions currently available. Encompassing industry-leading proven technology, these previous mobile solutions have been utilised to create a range of stationary equipment suitable for the processing of various waste streams.

BRT Hartner’s single-shaft shredder is best suited to the pre-shredding of numerous materials. Incorporating a unique basket system, this single-shaft shredder can offer vast flexibility in relation to processed material, throughput and required cut size.

BRT Hartner’s twin-shaft shredder can accommodate various waste materials and applications such as household and commercial waste, wood recycling applications and green/organic materials.

BRT Shredder
Feed Hopper / Dosing Hopper with Decompactor BRT HARTNER DC

DC De-Compactor

The BRT Hartner DC de-compactor has been developed specifically for the processing of organic wastes and digestate prior to mechanical and biological waste treatment facilities. The heavy-duty feed hopper construction is combined with a drag chain conveyor and decompaction unit, incorporating multiple metering devices therefore providing an even metered flow of material to subsequent downstream processing plant.

DM/DCD Digestate Mixer/Conditioners

BRT Hartner’s DM digestate mixer and DCD digestate conditioner are utilised for the mixing and conditioning of digestates, sewage sludges and similar materials. The design of both components can also facilitate the structuring of green waste and raw compost prior to further processing.

Whilst the DM digestate mixer greatly improves aerobic post-treatment of substrate the DCD conditioner optimises pre-processing of material through thermal drying, therefore creating a perfect homogenised material for further processing.

Mixing Unit for Pretreatment of Digestates BRT HARTNER DM
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