Optimising Light Fraction Waste for Refuse Derived Fuels


The removal of heavy materials from light materials is typically associated with the production of refuse derived fuels (RDF). While many technologies exist for this purpose, the majority utilise air to separate materials based on specific weight, thereby increasing the calorific value of the light fraction.

The BRT Hartner BBS Air Belt Separator offers optimal separation of heavy and light material. This is achieved by utilising a number of machine specific concepts which provide the opportunity of improving light fraction value. Evenly distributed material is fed to the BBS Air Belt Separator via an accelerator belt. Upon leaving the accelerator belt, material is passed through a curtain of air which separates heavy materials from light materials.

While air velocity can be adjusted to fine tune the separation process, the BBS Air Belt Separator also includes an arch-belt assembly which provides additional control over separation efficiency. Fully adjustable in both inclination and radius, separation of material can be adjusted to customer specific requirements, based on arch-belt position, inclination and conveying movement.

To reduce energy requirements the BBS Air Belt Separator incorporates an air recirculation system. Main air requirement is recirculated from the expansion chamber whilst a secondary exhaust fan extracts dust-laden air from the settling chamber. All extracted air is removed via a fabric-filter and exhausted to the atmosphere, as separated dust content is collected and discharged back into the light fraction.

Suitable for both new installations or upgrades, the BBS Air Belt Separator offers an energy efficient compact design to assist with the optimisation of light fraction waste. This item of plant can also be complimented with other items from the BRT Hartner GmbH range of equipment, all of which offer robust market-leading solutions for the processing of numerous waste streams.

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