Screening of Municipal Solid Wastes


Material Processing Solutions Ltd have recently completed the supply of two IFE Waste Screens for a UK customer screening municipal solid waste (MSW).

The new facility included two IFE Waste Screens, the first of which utilised as a primary screen receiving material directly from shredder. This primary screen ensures all oversize material is directed to the appropriate sorting section of the plant, whilst the screened material (fines) are directed to the second of the IFE Waste Screens for further processing, via a series of magnetic separation stages. The second IFE Waste Screen is fitted with flexible PU panel inserts providing an aggressive screening action to drastically reduced blinding of the screen panels and associated blockages. This unique screening action also improves screening efficiency and greatly reduces cleaning frequency to further improve the plants operation.

 As IFE’s official UK sales partner Material Processing Solutions Ltd welcomes the opportunity of discussing your screening and magnetic separation requirements, therefore please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your application in detail…


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