DMR Sorting with BRT Hartner Ballistic Separators


Material Processing Solutions Ltd, along with their colleagues from BRT Hartner GmbH, recently completed the commissioning of two BRT Hartner BSW60 ballistic separators, at a large scale materials recycling facility (MRF) here in the UK. Each machine has been incorporated to ensure separation of 2D, 3D and fines material prior to optical sorting, thus maximising downstream sorting efficiency.

The BRT Hartner BSW60 ballistic separator sits between our light-weight and heavy-weight models, offering a mid-weight machine construction suitable for household and commercial waste. This model of machine comes complete with reinforced paddles incorporating wear-resistant steel sieve meshes, designed to ensure long service life for the most arduous of conditions.

The BRT Hartner range of ballistic separators includes not only varying designs/weights of machines, but also provides a number of different sizes and paddle configurations to satisfy a whole host of applications and materials. This versatile range of equipment can be easily retro-fitted into current materials recycling facilities (MRF’s) or incorporated into new layouts/plants to satisfy your sorting requirements.

For further information concerning this range of equipment, or any of the BRT Hartner GmbH range, then please don’t hesitate to contact us…


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