Automatic De-Wiring of Baled Materials


Material Processing Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce that it has secured an order for a BRT Hartner BD14 Bale De-Wiring Device, the first of its kind to be used here in the UK. This device will be used for the automatic de-wiring of baled mixed plastics prior to a large-scale waste processing facility.

Many of the design concepts incorporated within BRT Hartner’s Bale De-Wiring Device have been proven over many years of operation and testing. This latest generation of machine now includes a number of upgrades, thus improving functionality, operation and longevity.

The ability to automatically de-wire bales without operator invention negates a number of health and safety concerns and requirements associated with the processing baled materials. This combined with a fully adjustable wire cutting and removal device enables a wide range of bale types and sizes to be processed safety and efficiently, without the need for operators and extensive personal protection equipment (PPE).

To complete an infeed arrangement the Bale De-Wiring Device can be utilised in conjunction with BRT Hartner’s BB18 Bale Breaker. This combined arrangement ensures incoming baled materials are processed safety and effectively, whilst providing a means of controlled feed of material to maximise downstream sorting efficiency. Available in numerous formats inclusive of moving floor conveyor length and plug-in wall positions the BB18 Bale Breaker offers the ideal solution for the breaking and dosing of your baled materials.

For more information relating to this unique range of equipment please click here.

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